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Do you have an information request for the HRPA Information Services? Now you can contact us ONLINE!

This research and reference service is available FREE of charge to members of the Human Resources Professionals Association. (For membership inquiries, please consult the membership section of our web site).

Fill in all the fields below. When writing your request, provide as much detail as you think necessary! Resource Centre staff will contact you if they require clarification.

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An Information Specialist will contact you within 48 hours (2 business days) of receiving your request to discuss timelines and for any necessary clarification. Research timelines will be determined on an individual basis.

If you require immediate research assistance, please contact Jeff Smith (ext. 305) or George Hawtin (ext. 308) at 1-800-387-1311 or 416-923-2324. Do not call and fill out a request form for the same question. Thank you!